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CHEN Si / 陈思


Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: multimedia electroacoustic music

Performer(s): Video: WU Ruoheng

Duration: 5:20

Perf. Country: ITALY

Setup: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Prog. notes: Dystopia is a multimedia Electroacoustic music combined with digital images. Electroacoustic music composition is influenced by futuristic music and anti-utopian trends,Sampling machine operating noise is the main development material. With the development of modernization and science and technology in China today, Material civilization is rampant, The substance begins to dominate, Blurring the definition of freedom. Expressing the opposition and unity of matter and spirit, I hope to find a balance to form unity. The work was selected for the Florence Multimedia Arts Festival in June 2018.
电子音乐创作受到未来主义音乐和反乌托邦思潮的影响,采样机械运转噪音为主要发展材料。当今中国随着现代化建设和科技的发展,物质文明泛滥,物质开始支配精神,模糊了自由的定义。表现物质与精神的对立和统一,希望找到平衡形成聚合。该作品已于2018年6月入选意大利佛罗伦萨多媒体艺术节,并在Le Murate艺术馆首演。

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