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MA Shihua / 马仕骅

Flowing Light

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Media Specification: AudioVisual

Perf. Country: CHINA

Setup: China Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: With the existence of light, things can be visually captured. Light itself, as a type of radiation, can be seen as "invisible sound" because the vibrations in the radiation can be heard once they are converted into sound signals. Audiovisual
elements can be fundamentally integrated in the digital space. Through the sensor capture and programming, the light from the real space can also shine into the digital space, allowing the viewer to hear the sound of light and see another form of light. Flowing Light uses light to construct audio-visual content in a digital space. The viewer waves any illuminated object over the
sensing area to generate a virtual landscape and ambient sound from the light data in the image. By transforming ordinary lighting into a source of control and at the same time acting on audio-visual content generation, Flowing Light brings the
audience an interactive experience of sensory penetration.
All content of the work is created based on Max/MSP/Jitter programming environment. The image part of the work converts two-dimensional images into three-dimensional environments in real time by taking light brightness as the third
dimension. While picking up the image, the program will extract the highlighted track as the control data, and the parameters of various sound synthesis algorithms inside the program will change. The deep data linkage makes the motion, image and sound become one, and the gesture of the audience will act on the content generation and change of the sound and image simultaneously.
Compared with similar installation works, this work does not use space sensors that will limit the number of people experiencing at the same time. Only highdefinition cameras are used to collect all data, and the audience entering the
sensing area can interact with the installation, ensuring its publicity as installation art.

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