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YANG Wentao

The Inception

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Media Specification: Acousmatic music

Setup: China Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: This work is inspired by the author's feelings at different stages during his undergraduate study, from estrangement to proficiency, from inner entanglement to reconciliation with himself, from rejection to awe of theory, from self-doubt to trust, each of which is probably what most students of composition have experienced. For the author, looking back on the study experience of the first five years is like a dream, and he can not remember exactly how much pain and self-relief, and how many
confused and determined moments there are. All kinds of feelings are like several layers of dreams in the movie Inception, which are interlinked but seemingly irrelevant. Now, the author is in a new stage, and his view of music is very different from that of the past. Therefore, the composition of this song is not only a summary of the author's past, but also a harbinger
of a new beginning.

Editor: XM