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WU Jiayue Cecilia; XU Rebecca Ruige / 武小慈

For Tashi

Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: AudioVisual

Performer(s): Lucina Yue

Prog. notes: This visual music composition is dedicated to all the mothers who lost their children prematurely. It was
produced in loving memory of Tashi, the composer's own miscarried baby, who was gone too soon.
Pregnancy and birth are regarded as joyful times, but pregnancy loss is usually a shocking and traumatic
event for women and their families. Globally, about 10–20 percent of recognized pregnancies end in
miscarriage, which can lead to grief, anxiety, depression, and possibly symptoms of PTSD. Grief
following a miscarriage is comparable in nature, intensity, and duration to grief reactions in people
suffering other types of a major loss. And yet, we rarely talk openly about pregnancy loss, and our society
has yet to recognize the significance of this loss to the parents, especially to the mothers, leaving them to
grieve alone, socially isolated. For many
women, although their grief will become less acute over time, miscarriage is a loss they always carry with
With this work, the three women artists Jiayue Cecilia Wu (composer, vocalist, electronics, and music
producer), Rebecca Ruige Xu (visual artist), and Lucina Yue (Konghou Performing artist) aim to create a
representation of the physical, emotional, and psychological journey that a woman goes through when
losing her baby prematurely. It depicts the physical trauma inside a woman’s body, hinting at the complex
emotions she feels while experiencing this emotional and psychological turmoil before she might reach
her relative acceptance of this profound loss.
The artists are motivated to share this deeply personal and emotional experience through music and art
in the hope to raise public awareness of the impact of miscarriage on a woman’s mental and physical
health, which is often unspoken, misunderstood, and otherwise overlooked in our society. Furthermore,
the artists wish to bring attention to the importance of women's prenatal and mental care, as well as the
support and assistance needed by survivors of baby loss and their families.

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