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WU Zhiqian

The Time Reverie of Cotard

Birth C: CHINA

Media Specification: AudioVisual

Perf. Country: CHINA

Setup: Xinghai Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: Cotard syndrome is characterized by delusions of nihilism and denial, in
which a person believes that his or her body and internal organs have
changed, that he or she no longer exists, or that he or she is an empty
shell without organs, and that other people and even the whole world,
including houses and trees, do not exist. They think they're dead, and
they use near-death experiences to try to rationalize their bizarre
Cotard's Time Reverie is a fantasy about time. It tells the story of a cotar
patient who creates a nothingness but rich fantasy land for himself,
leading to a series of daydreams about time, from questions to answers,
to the perception of memories in the outline of life, and finally to discover
that he comes from the earth and belongs to time. The antidote to time's
reverie, in the fabric and reorganization of man, is part of our pulse,
naked and mysterious. At our reunion, we pulse from the sky and back to
the sky, reflecting prehistoric light.
This is an audio-visual work of electronic music.The work uses acoustic
instruments and electronic timbre to create a strange and psychedelic
atmosphere. The main sources are Orchestral Berlin, Berlin Percussion,
Damage, serum and many other synthesizers.

Editor: XM