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CAI Jiaxun / 蔡佳迅

Particle system / 粒⼦系统
[Li Zi Xi Tong]

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Setup: Zhejiang Conservatory of music

Prog. notes: 粒⼦系统是由许多粒⼦组成的⽤来表达抽象事物的⼏何。粒⼦可以在⼀段

Particle system is composed of many particles, which is used to
express the geometry of abstract things. Particles can create, move,
change, and die within a period of time. Just like the development
process of the white pollution problem, first the formation of the
problem, then the accumulation and change of the problem, so that it is
difficult to dissipate, and finally the problem dies, but not completely.
With the support of this system that can perfectly reflect the movement
process of the work, and driven by the music emotion, I abstracted the
white pollution as particles to realize this work. At the same time, the
word "curb" in the title of the work has the meanings of control,
inhibition and restraint, so I take this verb as the theme of the work:
imprison white pollution in my image. In the music part, I also limited the
promotion of several paragraphs, without continuous promotion.
However, due to the development of the problem of white pollution, I let
it develop more violently in the last paragraph. The last slight aftersound
also represents the continuation of the problem.

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