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Pulse Geometries

Birth Y: 1984 Birth C: SWITZERLAND Gender: Male

Media Specification: AudioVisual

Setup: the SUSTech School of Design in Shenzhen

Prog. notes: In this solo performance, the author uses experimental waveform
generators that serve as single sound sources. The simple analogue
waveforms are impure and constantly slightly out of tune. The author
samples these waveforms with a digital system in real-time, allowing a
dense and rough beat music with an analogue charm to emerge.
While the numerous layers of music follow an abstract rhythmic
structure, the composite result is nevertheless a groovy, if perhaps not
danceable music, which is extended by the author’s digitally created
video projections (available as single channel video as shown here, or
as 3-channel video installation).
Used tech:
analogue waveform generators
digital processing system
mixing desk
speakers with subwoofer
1-3 video projectors

Editor: XM