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WU Wenzhao / 吴文钊

Dream Butterfly / 梦蝶 / Meng Die

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: interactive electronic music

Perf. Country: CHINA

Setup: Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: “Dim morning dream to be a butterfly;Amorous heart poured out in cuckoo's cry.” Don’t know if Zhuang Zhou dreamed of becoming a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming of becoming Zhuang Zhou. Dream
Butterfly is an interactive piece of for Wacom and interactive electronic music. Based on Wacom,OSCulotor、Max/MSP、Ableton Live, the composer design and made the installation for interactive performance. Performers use Wacom to simulate the visual effect of the "picture scroll", and embody the movement and angle of Wacom's unique hardware Pen as the expression of electronic music, thus expressing the interaction between "pen" and "sound" in a way of fusion of media. It expresses the opposition and transformation of things, and creates a miraculous scene where reality and dreams blend together
Wacom,OSCulotor、Max/MSP、Ableton Live搭建的软硬件系统来展开设计与演奏。

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