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ZHU Yuzhou

I Am Soul

Birth C: CHINA

Setup: Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: The tune itself is based on the tear-gas lyric style and incorporates the
expression techniques of TRAP and DRILL styles. The whole song
progressed slowly like a sea wave under unknown signs, and finally
broke out in the chorus universe. Snow Country Wilderness-Bing Tian
and Blood, a letter full of love and hatred from the first-person
perspective of the Snow Girl opened the curtain.
This word originated from the story of the Japanese folklore "Snow Girl"
and the movie "Ghost Story: Snow Girl". Legend has it that the little bit
between the cold and passionate Snow Girl and the man, is it love?
Xue Nu came silently, and left with complicated emotions. The man
readily accepts Yu Xuenv's gentle and virtuous, and enjoys the enviable
eyes of others in the village; Xuenv appears in the man's life only
because of one glance. It seems that love does not arise, and the love
is deep in the past, but he also hates it in a word. Every soul has rich
colors, even a lonely and cold ghost.

Editor: XM