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ZHANG Junhong / 张钧泓

Three Moment / 三个瞬间 / San Ge Shun Jian

Birth Y: 1995 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: AudioVisual

Duration: 12:50

Perf. Country: CHINA

Instruments: piano

Setup: Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: The seven days of God's creation, which created: light, air, sea, stars, life in the water and birds, creatures on the earth and man, respectively, because God completed the creation and rested on the seventh day. So Sunday also became a day of rest for mankind. With this mapping to the seven days of our ordinary life, a day is 24 hours and every second is eternal. The inspiration comes from the author's thoughts on time and his understanding of these three moments: the reappearance of the nightmare at midnight, the sunrise in the early morning, and the dusk at sunset. The structure of the piece is divided into three movements: nightmare reappearance, sunrise and dusk.
上帝创造的七天,这七天分别创造了:光、空气、海、星 星、水中的生命和鸟、地上的生物和人,因为上帝完成了创造, 在第七天休息。所以星期天也成为人类的休息日。以此映射到我 们普普通通生活中的七天,一天是24小时,每一秒钟都是永恒 的。灵感来源于笔者对于时间的思考和对这三个瞬间的理解,午 夜时分的噩梦重现、清晨的日出,日落的黄昏。作品曲式结构分 为三个乐章,分别是:噩梦重现、日出和黄昏。
设备清单: 作曲家现场控制电子音乐程序,需要准备: 1.Mac OSX10.14系统计算机并安装Max/Msp 8 2.音频接口(声卡):至少包含一通道输入 3. 安装Iriun Webcam软件驱动。 二通道输出(TRS插头) 组织者或现场需要准备一下设备: 1.二只音箱:左右各一个 2.调音台:至少五通道输入、五通道输出 3.话筒、话筒架:各一个 4.音频线若干(卡农、TRS) 5.桌子:用于摆放电脑和声卡(靠近调音台) 6.安卓手机,安装Iriun Webcam软件 7.投影仪 8.路由器
Equipment list. Composer live control electronic music program, need to prepare. 1. Mac OSX10.14 system computer with Max/Msp 8 installed 2. Audio interface (sound card): at least one channel input is included 3. Iriun Webcam software driver installed. Two-channel output (TRS plug) The organizer or site needs to prepare the following equipment. 1. Two speakers: one on each side 2. Mixer: at least five channels of input, five channels of output 3. Microphone, microphone stand: one each 4. A number of audio lines (Canon, TRS) 5. Table: used to place the computer and sound card (near the mixer) 6. Android phone, install Iriun Webcam software 7. Projector 8. router 9. Hollow iron ball

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