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MU Yunze

Galactic Railroad

Media Specification: Acousmatic music

Prog. notes: “Merry meet, merry part.”
At the end of a 4-year relationship, I started to think about why
people meet if we'll eventually separate and what the true
happiness or the final destination of everyone is. I found no
answer. However, this piece is somehow the record of my thinking
during that period. This piece was inspired by the book “Night on
the Galactic Railroad” by Japanese author Kenji Miyazawa. In my
imagination, the Milky Way is full of steam trains.
They meet, run together, and separate eventually.
None of them knows where the destination is, they just keep
running toward somewhere, restlessly. Does it matter if you know
where the destination is? Maybe not. Are all the experiences more
valuable than the end? Maybe so. The only thing I know is, I'll
always keep running just like those steam trains, no matter what.

Editor: XM