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WU Shangda; ZHANG Yuan; DONG Yuanliang; LI Xiaobin; SUN Maosong

AI Maria

Birth C: CHINA

Perf. Country: CHINA

Setup: WU Shangda ( Central Conservatory of Music )
ZHANG Yuan ( Central Conservatory of Music )
DONG Yuanliang ( Central Conservatory of Music )
LI Xiaobin ( Central Conservatory of Music )
SUN Maosong ( Tsinghua University )

Prog. notes: "AI Maria" is generated by DeepChoir (a melody choralization system) based on
"Ave Maria", whose melody is composed by Charles Gounod, and the piano
accompaniment is from Prelude No. 1 in C major, BWV 846. This music is a soulful
homage to classical music, fulfilled with baroque elements, which was conceived as
a genuine collaboration between humans and machines spanning centuries.
The composition of polyphonic chorale music in the style of J.S. Bach has
represented a major challenge in automatic music composition over the last
decades. Although previous neural network-based systems can effectively generate
an appropriate chorale, none of them can generate chorales based on given chord
progressions. To achieve chord-conditioned melody choralization, we propose
DeepChoir. It is a melody choralization system that trained on J.S. Bach Chorales
Dataset (with 371 chorales), and can generate a four-part SATB choir for a given
melody and its corresponding chord progression.
This music is created as follows. We first chordify the piano accompaniment part
which is composed by J.S Bach to get its chord progression. DeepChoir then
generates a four-part SATB choir based on the extracted chord progression and the
melody composed by Gounod. Finally, we rearrange the generated choir into a
symphony and name it "AI Maria".

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