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LIN Minghui

Microcosm of Morning dew

Birth C: CHINA

Perf. Country: CHINA

Setup: Central Conservatory of Music

Prog. notes: 凝成朝露,流动万物。以朝露观⾃然,⾃然反馈于朝露。本曲⽤⽔滴的声⾳作为采样
素材,通过 GRMTOOLS、WAVES 等插件变形与安排,展现朝露的“身临其境”,身处
As the morning dew appearing, which is created by the nature, all the things around
are being flowed. Try to comprehend the nature through the morning dew, and the
dew will show the fact. Composer used the water sound as the sample and tried to
convey the natural purity, which was created and arranged by the GRMTOOLS,
WAVES and so on .

Editor: XM