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MIZUNO Mikako / 水野 みか子

Diastema II

Birth Y: 1958 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Computer Music with Instrumentalists

Setup: Nagoya City University

Prog. notes: Diastema in Ancient Greek means a space between two adjacent substances and
can be explained as distance or remoteness. In the music series Diastema, the performers exist and play in the
separated spaces, where the direct communication is impossible. This is one of the performing style of telematic
music which we have been trying since 2011. The two or more different venues are connected through network.
MIDI signals are sent on OSC and the Disklavier is interactively and remotely played by the human performance
which occurred in the place separated from the Disklavier. Audio data is transmitted through Dante.
In the performance of Diastema Ⅱ , two wireless cameras and one fixed camera capture the three performers
who are separated in some times but encounter with each other one time during the nine-minute performance.
Each of the two wireless cameras follows one of the performers. Two players move from one place to the other,
and the sounds generated by the human players are transmitted through wireless microphones. In case the
locations where the players move are too distant for the mixer to catch the transmission, we use Dante also as
wireless receiver and complemented the IP network audio. Here the presentation movie shows the telematic
performance, which integrates the three movies of the three cameras into one completely synchronized movie.
The video of the telematic performance by three musicians presents the chrono-topical overview of the three
physical spaces.
繋がれ、 MIDI信号がOSCで送受信され、ディスクラヴィアをリモートでインタラクティブにプレイさせる。⾳
Diastema Ⅱの上演では、⼆つのワイヤレスカメラと⼀つの固定カメラが演奏者を追う。三⼈の演奏者たちはそ

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