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WANG Tianjing / 王天晶

“I” / “我” / “wo”

Birth C: CHINA

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: fixed media

Perf. Country: CHINA

Setup: China Conservatory of music

Prog. notes: "I" is fixed media electronic music. The works use grmtools, Kontakt and other plugins in logic to deform the sound materials. The development of the world has never
stopped, there is no thinking, no emotion, rapid change and elusive. The individual
in the world is like a trivial projection, which is small and easy to be ignored, but the
individual is a real objective existence and has an internal small world. For each "I",
the real world is composed of infinite external world and infinite internal small world.
The emotional ups and downs of each of us are intertwined with the feelings and
hearts of all things in the world. The world and "I" may be interlinked, but the
external and internal projections are different. The first paragraph of the work uses
the hand disc sound made of metal as the original material, symbolizing the world
without emotional fluctuation, and shows the vastness of the world through the
structure of space. The second paragraph uses the sound of the buckle of the
glasses box to construct the feeling of a closed space and describe the fluctuation
of the individual's inner world. Finally, "I" become one with the world.

Editor: XM