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XUE Wenying / 薛文颖


Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: AudioVisual

Duration: 3:30

Setup: Mianyang Normal University

Prog. notes: 约翰·凯奇的《4'33''》这个作品表现出音乐极其强大的包容性,所有声音都可以是音乐一部分,我的灵感也来源于此。
The piece 4'33” by John Cage shows the extremely powerful inclusiveness of music, where all sounds can be part of the music, and I was inspired by that. People always ignore the sounds that they often hear in life, the kind of noises that don't get noticed in a very noisy environment. So this work is like an experiment, the constant change of sound makes it impossible for people who hear it to ignore their own feelings when facing the sound, and any change of emotion will be infinitely magnified, making it impossible to ignore itself. And I hope that after this noise work meets the image, the viewer can have interaction with the bouncing sound through the image. Not just a single noise, but let the fragments of daily sound and images to re-interfere with the daily, to bring feelings and thoughts to the viewers, and to trigger their memories and emotions.
I used the Max software to modulate high frequency tones and white noise which are not the norm, but also some samples of special tones such as radio interference signals, TV show recordings, dripping and roaring sounds of transmitters, etc. For the video production, I chose to combine images and sounds such as the grand landscape of the universe, the pixels of a TV glitch, and the slowly changing water surface. The intention is to show that sound is an everyday ambient sound, and that we can reacquaint ourselves with the everyday from the everyday.