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HUANG Yaotian / 黄耀田

Echoes in Wooden Spaces / 木质空间里的回响
[Mu Zhi Kong Jian Li De Hui Xiang]

Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: AudioVisual

Duration: 6:47

Setup: Zhejiang conservatory

Prog. notes: 《木质空间里的回响》是一部为吉他技法、人声和视觉影像而作的现代电子音乐作品。标题中的“木质空间”本意指原声吉他音孔内的箱体结构,寓意着本作品的初采样是木质化的声音素材;而“回响”寓意着在此构想空间内,所有声音相互作用而产生的“化学效果”。本作品的中心思想基于理性思维与抽象化叙述,表达了离群束缚下的一场狂欢。
Echoes in Wooden Spaces is a modern electronic music work for guitar techniques, vocals and visual images. The original meaning of "wooden space" in the title refers to the box structure of acoustic guitar sound hole, implying that the initial sampling of this work is woodiness sound material; "Echo" implies the "chemical effect" generated by the interaction of all sounds in this conceived space.
The central idea of this work is based on rational thinking and abstract narration, expressing a carnival under the bondage of isolation.

Editor: XM