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CHENG Chien-Wen / 鄭建文


Wind Sketch / 風的素描

Birth Y: 1972 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Media Specification: Mixed Music with live electronics

Duration: ca 9'

Instruments: real-time interactive music for soprano saxophone and Max/MSP


Prog. notes: Wind Sketch (real-time interactive music for soprano sax and Max/MSP) is intended to portray the temporary peace of mind experienced when I am listening to various sounds carried by the wind. In this piece, the saxophone depicts the sounds of the wind while the computer part represents the sounds of the wind, heard by a peaceful mind able to hear everything after all subjectivities are let go. In such an ideal state of mind, no choices are made, no conflicts between good and evil are found, no regret and expectation exists, and only music (nature) states everything in its own way.

The computer part of the piece is programmed in Max/MSP and includes DSP effects such as pitch shifting, delay, reverb, and harmonizer. Musical imitation is created by using delay effects and delay with pitch shifting. A music event detector is used in the Max/MSP patch to detect the phrase of the music which triggers DSP effects to reflect the intensity of the gesture.


程式設計部分,分為五大部分:聲音播放與收錄、混音器、音樂姿態分析(gestural control)、效果器、Qlist自動化控制。藉由麥克風現場即時將聲音透過Max/MSP收錄到電腦之中,並將聲音透過軟體混音器的控制,發送到每個效果器。利用音樂樂句姿態分析的結果,驅動效果器的內部參數,配合少數預先錄製的聲音片段,由薩克斯風演奏者以MIDI踏板透過Qlist來做整體操控,使之能與薩克斯風即時呼應,產生音樂性地結合。

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