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CHENG Chien-Wen / 鄭建文


Moth and Fire / 飛蛾與火

Birth Y: 1972 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Duration: ca 12'

Instruments: Real-time Interactive Music for Flute and Max/MSP


Prog. notes: This piece is inspired by the irony and sadness in the relationship between moth and fire - a moth tends to be attracted by the flame of fire in the darkness and eventually falls into the blaze. In this piece, the flute is intended to symbolize the moth and the computer the flame. The interactivity between the two is achieved by various real-time effects mainly including FFT freezer, spectral delay, granular delay, and reverse delay controlled by different algorithm based on the audio analysis of the flute performance. Different real-time effects and processed sound files of the flute are layered in various combinations to represent the image of the moth going in and out of the fire before its inevitable death in the fire.

《飛蛾與火》這首作品主要靈感來自飛蛾撲火的典故:「過去有佛,欲令眾生厭舍五欲,而說偈言:譬如飛蛾見火光,以愛火故而競入,不知焰炷燒然(燃)力,委命火中甘自焚」(《心地觀經·離世間品第六》)。 有感於生命的無奈乃在於無論你用何種方式去過,也都將走向結束,只是不同人選擇不同的方式去經歷它而已。 此曲乃藉由音樂呈現不願庸碌無為者,寧葬身火中也要擁有瞬間粲然的勇氣與此中無奈。長笛主要用來象徵飛蛾翩然,電腦部分則代表火焰灼灼,藉由互動科技將器樂與電腦即時數位效果器兩者緊密結合。其中使用的主要DSP技術包括快速傅立葉轉換(FFT)產生的踏板效果及頻譜延遲技術、結合粒子化合成之延遲效果、反相延遲技術,並由電腦偵測現場器樂演奏的各種姿態數據來控制上述效果器的各類參數。藉由不同起落的即時效果器,搭配預先錄製、變形處理過的相似音色,疊合出各種絢麗繽紛的音色與織度,飛蛾在化為灰燼前來往穿梭於熾熱火焰間的景象,乃歷歷呈現。

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