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CHENG Chien-Wen / 鄭建文


Soliloquy / 獨白

Birth Y: 1972 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed Music with live electronics

Duration: ca 12'


Prog. notes: Soliloquy, an interactive music composition for solo violin and interactive computer music system, is intended to describe a self-dialogue behavior in which an individual is divided into two roles that either contradict or support each other. The instrumental part acts as the self-speaker and the computer response acts as the inner thought of the speaker. The two are separate on the surface but actually come from the same self. The self-speaker speaks in well-defined words but the inner thought can be some vague feelings or unlingualized will. Similarly, the violin conveys itself with definite pitch but the computer may response with indefinite pitch. During the live performance, the interactive music system detects the note density, pitch range, and the phrase onset of the violin part and musically responses to it in real-time. The interactive music system is programmed in Max/MSP. The real-time audio synthesis techniques used include reverberation, harmonizer, delay, granular synthesis, looping, ring modulation, and etc.

Soliloquy(獨白)為給小提琴與互動電腦音樂系統之作品,旨在描述一種自我對話的情境,單一個體化為兩個時而衝突、時而一致的角色,器樂的部分猶如獨白者的自言自語,電腦的回應則猶如獨白者的內心所思。兩者表面上獨立,卻來自同一個自我;獨白者使用明確的語言如同樂器演奏者以固定音高演奏;內心所思則可以是化成語言之前的抽象的意念與感受,猶如電腦可能以非固定音高的方式回應。演出時,以電腦偵測小提琴的音符密度、音高範圍、樂句起落點等,並以此偵測結果來控制或影響電腦對於演奏者的回應。此曲之互動系統是在Max/MSP 中完成,並使用即時效果器如reverb、harmonizer、delay、granular synthesis、looper及 ring modulation等。

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