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CHENG Chien-Wen / 鄭建文


Village Sound

Birth Y: 1972 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: tape

Duration: ca 7'


Prog. notes: This piece depicts my impression of the Taiwanese folk rituals in an abstract way. The main materials used in this piece are mainly taken from Hakka Ba-Yin, one of the traditional Chinese music style developed in southern China including Taiwan. The main DSP techniques used in this piece to transform the original pentatonic materials from Hakka Ba-Yin include granular synthesis, convolution, and ring modulation, which make the transformed soundscape sound familiar and also unfamiliar to those who know Hakka Ba-Yin. Through the transformation, a dreamy effect with special sonorities and textures are created to convey the composer’s memory about the almost forgotten music tradition. In addition, reverberation and random panning techniques are also used to create special spatialization which can not be realized in traditional Hakka Ba-Yin live performance. Structurally, a punchy sonority is usually used to start a “phrase” followed by the transformed Hakka Ba-Yin, which serves as the main organization principle throughout the piece.

此曲旨在回顧記憶中的民俗儀式之音景,創作素材主要來自客家八音,並以 granular(粒子化 )、 convolution (音色交融) 等技術,將原本五聲音階的客家民俗音樂片段予以陌生化,使其形成一種撲朔迷離的特殊聲響與織度,並隱約展現客家民俗音樂的特徵,此外也透過 reverb(殘響)與 random panning (隨機聲音方位控制) 的方式,將聲音賦予不同的空間感。音樂結構安排上,以重擊似的聲響,作為每段音樂之開頭,隨之帶出陌生化後的民俗音樂片段,藉此慣性作為在變化的聲音素材下,形式建構的基本原則。

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