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CHENG Chien-Wen / 鄭建文


A Legend in the Mountains

Birth Y: 1972 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: tape

Duration: ca 7'


Prog. notes: This piece is commissioned by the Development Association of Taiwanese Indigenous Group at Ping-Tung County. It is intended to explore the possibilities of digital sound transformation based on the traditional instruments of Taiwanese indigenous groups. The main sound source is from the Jew's Harp, one of their traditional instruments. The digital signal processing techniques used in this piece include granular synthesis, digital sampling, filter, ring modulation, time stretch, and etc, with which special timbre, texture and rhythm are created and are juxtaposed, superimposed, or morphed from one to another according to the musical aesthetics about the tension and its release. The music is also intended to portray the mysterious atmosphere conveyed by their rituals for admiring gods.

此首作品為屏東「原住民部落發展協會」之委託創作,旨在探索原住民樂器轉化成電子數位音景之可能性,主要藉由口簧琴等較具音色特殊性之原住民樂器及鼓聲作為聲音來源,透過數位音訊處理的技術,包括粒子化合成、數位取樣技術、濾波器、ring modulation、聲音拉長等處理,將原本的聲音予以變形或改變節奏,並依照音樂張力消長的美學原則,將之堆疊或重組,建構一個新的數位音景與音樂結構,以此表現原住民文化中祭典儀式的神祕色彩。

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