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CHENG Chien-Wen / 鄭建文


The Wounded Don Quixote / 受傷的唐吉訶德

Birth Y: 1972 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Live electronics

Duration: ca 7'

Instruments: for solo violin and live electronics


Prog. notes: This piece portrays the mental state of a person who has no control of the external environment but can only pray for a better condition to come. The music is thus intended to present the mixture of pains, eagerness, and passion. The melodic materials are mainly derived from pitch permutation and interpolation. The permutation of the member in a specific pitch collection slows down the process of pitch change, which helps emphasize the rhythmic aspects of it. However, new pitches may gradually be emphasized during the pitch permutation so as to shift the pitch collection from one to another and to maintain the momentum of music. In addition, the timbral change is also reiterated through the interpolation from one way of playing to another (e.g., from normal playing to harmonics, from one bowing position to another, etc.), which also helps keep the music flowing.

給小提琴的互動音樂作品《受傷的唐吉訶德》旨在呈現小說人物唐吉訶德在暫時的挫敗之際,心中既愁苦又期待再戰的一種心境,同時表現痛苦、渴望、與熱情雜陳的情感。其音高結構主要建立在固定音高群的內部交替以及不同音高群之間的漸變移轉原則下,亦即由反覆交替的音高活動來描繪出較粗的音響線條,並以漸進推宜的過程來維繫音樂的流動性。在電子音樂的部分,利用電腦即時偵測與分析小提琴的音高、樂句來影響聲音凍結、濾波器、延遲等特效,並運用交叉合成法,將小提琴與預錄聲音檔案、FM 合成融合於一體,產生動態濾波的效果與擾動不安的音色,藉此反應唐吉訶德等待另一個東山再起的機會之際,內心的不耐與對於追求自我實現之強烈熱衷。

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