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WANG Jing / 王晶



Birth Y: 1974 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Dest: Conert

Media Specification: Video music

Commission: Vilcek Foundation-sponsored residency at the MacDowell Colony.

Duration: 9:07

Prog. notes: Synopsis: Lost in tranquility, the ethereal sounds and imagery of the inner mind struggle to maintain their primal elegance, as turbulence from the world beyond begins to infringe on their domain. The transcendent inner soundscapes of the imagination are ever vigilant as they rumble with the vestiges of human endeavor. Passahhdi is an abstract experimental animation. A melding of sound and image that explores both the emotional relationships and the commonality of their formal language. The manner in which the elemental components of the underlying structure, such as line, shape, color/timbre and form, as well as principals, such as harmony, balance, rhythm, and counterpoint, translate between the auditory and visual experience is a primary concern.

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Comment: from: Composing Passaddhi
"Viewing the pristine forest from my studio at the MacDowell Colony target=_blank id='activeurl'>
Composing Passaddhi
"Viewing the pristine forest from my studio at the MacDowell Colony
, I sensed a world forgotten by time," Wang recalled. "There was a natural tranquility, with occasional distractions from scattered birds' song, trees' dancing rhythms stimulated by the breeze, and the contrast of industrial sound created by distant machines.

"I chose the cello to represent tranquility while a duet of the saxophone and accordion represented disturbance. My goal was to explore the dialectical relationship between acoustic and electronic, as well as the convergence and divergence, which are analogous to the tranquility and disturbance of the Colony’s environment."

Wang completed the first version of her new composition at the MacDowell, then shared it with retired UMass Dartmouth design professor Harvey Goldman, a frequent collaborator. Goldman created an animation inspired by Chinese water-ink painting, and the work—titled Passaddhi—was completed in January.