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LEE Mei-ling

Giant Dipper

Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: interactive

Duration: 10:00

Perf. Country: TAIWAN

Prog. notes: Giant Dipper is an interactive electronic music
composition. It attempts to arouse the experience of
roller coaster rides, the blistering up and down, left and
right motion of the ride compels one’s thoughts to be
only in that moment.
The sound material of Giant Dipper comes from two main
sources. One is a home recording of an eight years old girl
singing/talking in a bathroom. Another one is field
recordings from Santa Cruz Boardwalk park. Those field
recordings share one commend theme: the roller coaster
Comprised of MAX and Kyma, Giant Dipper uses
Gametrak, a three-dimensional positional reporting
system, as a data requirement interface to generate and
transmit data to MAX. Inside Max, the data streams are
modified, scaled, then routed to Kyma for sound
manipulation in real-time.

Editor: ming