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HUNG Shih-Lin / 洪世霖

Autumn Meditation / 秋思

Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Acousmatic

Duration: 1:51

Perf. Country: TAIWAN

Context: The sound material is derived from the content of
Chinese Poetry “Autumn Meditation” (天凈沙·秋思) by
Ma, Zhiyuan (馬致遠, Chinese poet and celebrated
playwright, c. 1250‒1321)
The original vocal readings are as follows:
Chinese (original)
枯藤老樹昏鴉。 小橋流水人家。 古道西風瘦馬。 夕
Over old trees wreathed with rotten vines fly evening
crows; Under a small bridge near a cottage a stream
On ancient road in the west wind a lean horse goes.
Westward declines the sun; Far, far from home is the
heartbroken one.
I completed the work with the sound material (Chinese
characters) by means of reverberation, delay and cutting
of the vowel.

Editor: ming