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HUANG Chih-Fang / 黄志方


Sublimation / 升华

Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: mixed music

Performer(s): Percussion: MIROGLIO Thierry ,Sound Distribution: HUANG Chih-Fang

First perf.: The Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, 27 OCT. 2019

Duration: 8:50

Perf. Country: CHINA

Context: The piece attempts to use a new way of composing, combining Chinese traditional elements and world music, mixing with contemporary music experiment styles, and improvising performances with percussion instruments and dance, hoping to create a multi-style fusion composition for electronic music creation. The piece is divided into three parts: from the electro-acoustic music prompts and the percussion performances, the short initial Guqin and other timbre prompts, the percussion and dance improvisation began to match the electronic music with a high degree of contrast. It also has a full blend of timbre and texture to gradually present different levels of sublimation, suggesting that people are rich in emotions in life, and that images are still resting. Then more rhythms and timbre change correspond to electronic music, competing and merging with each other, electronic sounds immersing in the gradual sublimation of thoughts, percussion and dance improvisation return to the original timbre and rhythm, and towards the end into a warm situation. The end of the piece is the atmosphere of the integration of the game and the mood.

Instruments: Percussion

Editor: ming