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HAVEL Christophe


Scherzo / 谐谑曲

Birth Y: 1956 Birth C: FRANCE Gender: Male

Media Specification: mixed music

Performer(s): Saxophone performer: Marie-Bernadette CHARRIER (France) Sound distribution: Christophe HAVEL (France)

First perf.: The Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, 24 OCT. 2019

Duration: 12:00

Perf. Country: CHINA

Context: “他们怀着悲观的信念:他们相信全能的上帝会将要让他的一些造物变得盲目且失落。但他们的神性成就了他们的命运,让他们不会变得盲目,但相反的是,在死亡之前,他们将活在灵魂被谴责的担忧当中。”
“They had a worse belief: they did not doubt that God Almighty would have wanted to blind and lose some of His creatures. Their divinity became their fate: a destiny that would not be blind, but on the contrary terribly concerned by the loss of souls condemned even before their death” Mauriac, Life Of Racine

Generally presented as lively and mirthful music, the Schezo makes me think of the fatality of destiny, that leads its character towards an inevitable end. Thus mankind, carried away by its life cycles, irresistibly moves towards the only ending that is within its reach.

Instruments: Saxophone

Editor: ming