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KANKI Shinji / 菅木真治


C-Z-K (Inaudible Music Composition)

Birth Y: 1953 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Sound art

Prog. notes: The audio CD that lists 55 tracks of digital silence (=absolute nothing).

- What is the difference between “nothing” and “silence”?
- Can you copyright length of time? Can you copyright for example 2’25″ without any happenings during the time?
- John Cage foundation has the copyright of the title of musical piece, SILENCE. No one can make a recording without playing anything(silence) and calling it SILENT piece.

Editor: MB

Phono: Shinji Kanki Self-Released; Limited edition of 500 copies.

Comment: 55 tracks of digital silence. Text engraved on CD surface. Comes in generic paper sleeve.