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MIYAMOTO Takashi / 宮本 貴史


Garan [Temple of remembrance*] / 追憶の伽藍 / Tsuioku no garan

Birth Y: 1992 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Duration: 10:28


Prog. notes: This work is interactive computer music written for solo piano and a live computer electronics system. The sound of piano on the stage is sampled and processed by computer in real time, and diffused along with live piano performance in the hall. The piece is divided into five sections in A-B-A-C-A form. The main theme of the piano part is the repetition of a single note. This motif is developed and modified, even into clusters, and characterizes each section. Ten of real-time signal processing techniques such as Amplitude Modulation, Frequency Shift, Granular Sampling, and Glitch effect, are employed. The sound of piano performance is also analyzed, and its attacks and amplitude control some of the parameters in Max patch. The signal processing technique which has clear pitch structure, and the one which is noise base, interact each other, and make the apparent contrast between sections.

Editor: MB

Comment: Score and patches available on the composer's web site at: target=_blank id='activeurl'>