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YUAN Haoyu


Series of Journal II – Ode to the Motherland

Birth Y: 1981 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Media Specification: Multimedia electronic music

First perf.: 2015 Shanghai Conservatory of Music’s International Electronic Music Week Concert Series. Limit? – Electronic Music Pieces of Emerging Artists in China, , Heluting Concert Hall

Duration: O7:00

Perf. Country: CHINA

Prog. notes: I want to share my thoughts and the methods of using new media with this series of music to reveal the beauty of our contemporary oriental art. This piece of music originates from a well known classical patriotic song. The lyrics have had many different variations in different periods, each variation with an accompanying singing style to complement it. I was really amazed by the impressive changes this piece had undergone, and this is where I got the idea to use multi-media, samples and video for the piece to express itself in its fullness.

Editor: MB