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Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Performer(s): Soprano :Tuya Talin Performer: Yi De’er, Guo Dawei (Communication University Of China)

First perf.: Festival MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING, Beijing, 2017-10-25

Duration: 05:00

Perf. Country: CHINA

Context: [Aural & Visual·China] – Interactive Multimedia Concert of China Young Composers
China Multimedia Electronic Music and Stage Performance Innovative Project Show – National Cultural Innovative Projects Series Supported by China Ministry of Culture

Instruments: for khoomei, horse head string instrument, kouxian, saprano, percussion and electronic

Prog. notes: “Handgai” is the Newage style music work with Mongolian sound samples. The titlemeans reindeer in Mongolian. The story is that the composer dreams herself become a reindeer,and she wants to struggle from city to forest. The composer wants to express a explosion about finding the nature of life and back to the origins.
During the composing,the composer uses the thinking of electronic music to edit the sound samples like vocal samples and Morin khuur samples in some aspects, such as pan,delay, reverberation,etc. Meanwhile, the composer also edits these sound samples by cutting and collaging. In B verse of work,the composer uses effects to modulate Morin khuur samples and creats new sounds to compose.

Editor: MB