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KOJIMA Yuriko Hase / 小島 有利子


String of Sound

Birth Y: 1962 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Tape

First perf.: September 6. 2017, Nagoya City University, School of Design and Architecture, Large Hall

Prog. notes: “String of Sound” has become my second music concrète piece. More than twenty years has already passed since the first one called “Reminiscence” that I finished in 1996 at the Computer Music Center, Columbia University. In “String of Sound” I mainly used recorded sounds of the violin played by my sixteen-year-old daughter who has been studying at a music high school in Tokyo. Watching her lessons and practicing everyday , I have been familiarized very closely with regular violin repertoires and various traditional techniques of the instrument. I have been fascinated by subtle changes of the sound colors that only trained string players can produce after many years of training of regular techniques, which sometimes contemporary composers have ignored and left behind under exploration of extended techniques to produce noise-oriented sounds. Rediscovering the value of pure regular sounds of the violin, I wanted to experiment how much I could go into and expand the perspectives of the tradition, creating a musical portrait of a violinist who has just obtained refined sound of the instrument and has embarked on a journey of professional musical life.

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