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LI Qiuxiao / 李秋筱


Havoc in heaven

Birth Y: 1985 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Female

Media Specification: Mixed music

First perf.: Festival Musicacoustica, Beijing, 2016

Duration: 08:00

Perf. Country: CHINA

Instruments: For Clarinet and Electronic Music

Publisher: RenminYinYue

Media: CD

Prog. notes: The music structure is based on the original plot in play Journey to the west.

The story Havoc in heaven tells about how Monkey is born when a magic stone on the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit splits open, how he becomes the Handsome Monkey King,how he sails across the seas to learn great magical powers, and how he comes back home to deal with the demons who have taken over the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit.

I apply various music elements of Beijing opera in the whole music. The electronic section extensively uses percussion sound, which centers around drum sound to describe the drama scene of the Havoc in heaven.

Editor: MB