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The Chalky Desert Where Nothing Grows

Birth Y: 1952-2022 Birth C: UNITED STATES Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: musique mixte

Duration: 4:48

Perf. Country: HONG KONG

Instruments: Flute and Soundscape

Prog. notes: slow; uses microtones and multiphonics; and has the character of the subtle shimmer of the heat of the desert and motion within motionless. Robert Dick once suggested improvising on just the notes B and C#. The richness in microtones and multiphonics of this area of the flute inspired me to compose a solo flute piece using this idea. Thesoundscape uses synthesized ghost voices, Native American flutes, didgeridoo, Tuvan throat singing and rattlesnakes.

Editor: M.B.