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HUI Steve Ngo-shan / 許敖山

The Four Infinities / 四象萬相
[si xiang wan xiang]

Birth Y: 1974 Birth C: HONG KONG Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Commission: City University of Hong Kong

Performer(s): Chin King (Zheng), Rupert Woo Pak Tuen (Erhu), Leung Yan Chiu (Sheng), Mavis Lam Tsan Tong (Pipa), Steve Hui (electronic) and XEXGRP (Visual)

First perf.: Multimedia Theatre, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 28 Oct 2011

Duration: 30:00

Perf. Country: HONG KONG

Context: Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre Grand Opening Festival

Instruments: erhu, pipa, sheng, zheng, electronic and video

Perf media: Software: Ableton Live, Cycling '74 Max/MSP. Hardware: DJ TechTools Midi Fighter

Prog. notes: A musical theatre performance created by composer Steve Hui, with XEXGRP, Ip Yuk Yiu and an ensemble playing classical Chinese instruments, The Four Infinities explores different aspects of visual and musical communication. The notation score is represented by a pre-rendered video, allowing the musicians to convert video images into musical parameters via a list of instructions. The appearance, colours, location and duration of the video objects affect how the musicians play their instruments. The performance also explores the application of musical language to video art, using the sounds of traditional musical instruments to paint a moving graffiti. A sound tracking system converts the pitch and dynamic of the instrumental sounds to digital data that is then processed by computers, generating visual images in real-time. The Four Infinities thus constitutes a musical performance that pushes the boundaries of musical notation, video art and theatre.

Editor: Ka Lun CHEUNG