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TSANG Yiu-kwan / 曾耀君


Flexile Key

Birth C: HONG KONG Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Performer(s): Cynthia Pickett

First perf.: The Boston Conservatory, USA, 10 Dec 1996

Duration: 06:30

Perf. Country: UNITED STATES

Context: Student Composers' Concert

Instruments: Flute and live electronics

Publisher: Score preview:

Prog. notes: This is an interactive music for solo flute and computer. The composer used computer programming C++ to design his own program to generate and play music with the flutist interactively. During the performances, the computer listens to what the flutist plays and generate music corresponding to it. The reaction of the computer to the particular note played by the flutist may be: starting a new section of music; generate music to accompany flute; or change section in the performance. It is to point out that every note in the computer part is produced live contrasting to pre-record or sequencing music.

Editor: Ka Lun CHEUNG

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