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HWANG Sung Ho / 황성호


Birth Y: 1955 Birth C: KOREA (South) Gender: Male

Media Specification: Mixed Music

Duration: 9:30

Context: This piece is based on JUE Eui Sik's sizo(a genre of korean traditional poetry), "Bakok from Mount Hyungsan". Bakok means a natural jade. The piece shows strong timbral features, characteristic of traditional korean vocal music which places importance on rhythm and breathing techniques. The timbral features are brought to the forefront using techniques that dismantle, prolong and stretch poetic wording rather than effectively portraying its meaning. The poetic images that represent the dismantled poetic wordings were realized using manipulation of computer and electronic sound processing methods. (9'30)
If I show people the Bakok from Mt.Hyungsan.
For it is a stone, who can know the inner essence?
Let it be. Won't there be someone who will know?
Leave alone as if a poor stone.

Instruments: traditional voice and electronic sound

Editor: Hana.DO