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SHIMAZU Takehito / 嶋津 武仁



Birth Y: 1949 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Computer music for quadraphony

Duration: 10:55

Instruments: SynLab, Comodore

Setup: TU Studio Berlin

Prog. notes: The procedure of "FEAST" as a Score

This piece can be consisted of 3 parts approximately, differing in their sound materials and was composed through following steps. And each of them includes random selections as an important element of this piece.

1.step : Process with Computer,Sampler and Synthesizer
At first a few materials of this piece,sounds of girl's sigh and boy's laugh, are collected with a sampler(Mirage) and they are modified into some sound groups, mixing with some Synthesizer sounds, controlled by a computer (NEC 8801mk2sr) like a sequencer but through a single program, including random selections.

2.step : Process with 8 channel Tape machine
Several sets of the sounds in step 1.are combined with the computer, allowing the random selection. And they are recorded into 8 channel Tape recorder (1/2 inch) separately. The sound series selected from one or 2 channels of the 8 track Tape are recorded into some cassette Tapes (in this case 6 Tapes).

3.step : Process with cassette-recorders
6 cassette recorders with one or 2 loudspeakers are set on the floor in a concert hall or a space for performance optionally. And they are started by one or 6 ' Performers ' one by one or simultaneously. During the performance the places of the recorder are changeable and finally, at the point of climax in this performance the movements and also the heights of the recorders are tried in their extreme by the Performer(s).

4.step : Process for 'Performer(s)'
At the end of 2nd part of this piece the Performer(s) must assemble his (their) recorders in one place. And then they must wrap the recorders with a sheet of cloth or vinyl. After the end of 3rd Part they must carry the Package outside of the performance field.

Thus, this piece was planned as a performance work. But at each step of this piece each style of composition is able to be produced. And,further, the more element of random (chance) grows as the longer procedure goes.

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