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SHIMAZU Takehito / 嶋津 武仁


From the Origin / 原点から / Genten kara

Birth Y: 1949 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Instruments: 17-gen Koto-Player and Computer Music System

Prog. notes: In these 20 years from the origin point of my composition I have inquired the possibilities of adopting technology into my compositions. The appearance of computer enabled me to expect more possibilities than before. Although such a technology has made us possible to introduce more exact control and to receive more objectivity in music which had depended on more sensitivities or feeling until then, music with technology, the other hand, has borne more 'cold' elements in music. It might become more distinguished if the machine(computer)accompanied with a man(player). For example sometimes, it has happened that man was controlled by the machine which had not flexibility. This problem escaped one time by means of 'live electronic', but it increased more imprecision. Through long discussition with a player, I found an answer for this problem, namely, the way to introduce player's breath timing or human sensitivity. For this purpose, I made a program for a small(portable) computer which was controlled by the player. The other important thema of this piece is to make a respectable combination with traditional and modern elements, Koto and Computer.

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