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ITO Miyuki / 伊藤 美由紀


Non-color Color for piano with electronics

Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Female

Performer(s): Mari Asakawa

First perf.: Nagoya Yamaha Hall, Aichi, Japan? May 26, 2007

Duration: 10:00

Perf. Country: JAPAN

Instruments: Pf, electronics

Prog. notes:
When I went to the exhibition by Jusetsu Miwa target=_blank id='activeurl'>

When I went to the exhibition by Jusetsu Miwa
, who is a living national treasure for Hagi Ware in Japan, I was very impressed by the non-color color with several expressions, forceful beauty, something like soul in the stillness. His wares have color, texture, and existence which I cannot express in words. I tried to re-create these complicated colors using pitch structure that I obtained by spectral analysis. Various timbres, controlled by the pedal, merge with the upper partials. The colors mix with live instrument and sample sounds process the piano materials and reverberation of low pitches.

( from program note )



Editor: Tamamo Nagai