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CHAN Joshua Kam-biu / 陳錦標


The Spring Garden / 春暉園
[chun hui yuan]

Birth Y: 1962 Birth C: HONG KONG Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Commission: Hong Kong Arts Festival Society

Performer(s): Chu Siu-wai & Loo Sze-wang

First perf.: Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong, 18 Feb 1998

Duration: 13:55

Perf. Country: HONG KONG

Context: Concert "Sonic Confluences - Hong Kong Arts Festival 1998"

Instruments: Dizi, sheng and live electronics

Media: CD-Rom

Prog. notes: "The sounds of the Chinese plucked-string instruments chin and guzheng have been used extensively by many composers to represent the pleasant ambience of the beautiful Chinese garden. One explanation may be that the soft pentatonic arpeggio on guzheng resembles the sound of the slow-moving water in stream and pond. The acoustic quality of plucked-string instruments, which has a sharp attack and fast decay, also provide a transparent, well-articulated sonic sculpture for such a scenery. The sounds of wind instruments dizi and sheng , on the other hand, do not have the same facility, i.e., natural fade-out after the initial attack; their well-sustained quality tends to provide narrative, subjective description of a given scenery. The higher frequency register and louder sound volume of dizi may even suggest vast open-space such as the Mongolian grassland. Finding the most appropriate musical materials on dizi and sheng to describe effectively the peacefulness and beauty of a traditional Chinese garden is therefore one of the real challenges of writing this piece. Or may the employment of ""inappropriate"" materials be the most original idea? It is also interesting to note the delicacy and subtle changes of electronic sounds featured at various places as both foreground and background materials, some of which tend to highlight particular acoustic components of the chin and guzheng .

Editor: Ka Lun CHEUNG

Phono: CD-Rom: Published (partially) on the CD-ROM

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