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LIAO Lin-Ni / 廖琳妮


Le train de la vie I - LR / 浮生 I - LR

Birth Y: 1977 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Female

Dest: Concerts

Media Specification: Acousmatic Music

Performer(s): Liao Lin-Ni

First perf.: Conservatoire de Blanc Mesnil

Duration: 8'30

Perf. Country: FRANCE


Prog. notes: The work is a tribute to the composers : Philippe Leroux et de Gilles Racot for their
teaching. This electroacoustic work was partially composed in 2010 with the sound
source drawn from percussion in the studio of the Blanc-Mesnil Conservatory. The
first broadcast was on France Musique in the emissions « Electromania » and «
Electrain de nuit ».

Editor: LIAO Lin-Ni