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JIANG SHu-Ya / 蔣舒雅


A Hidden Kid's Memory_playmate, machine and a broken

Birth Y: 1990 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Female

Dest: Concerts

Media Specification: Electroacoustic Music

First perf.: First perf: Winners' Concert of Concours de composition acousmatique petites formes France - Taiwan, Conservatoire de Bordeaux, 29th January 2015

Duration: 4:16

Perf. Country: FRANCE

Context: Work composed in 2013, this acousmatic work was presented in a series of Winners' Concerts organized in France:
2nd & 3rd February 2015, Conservatoire de Reims (Festival de la Semaine du Son) / 6th February 2015, Centre culturel de Taiwan à Paris / 12 February 2015, CRR93 (Iles de France, Saint Denis)

Prog. notes: The story is talking about someone’s memories fading into history. The memories are talking about playing with robot in the machine factory when he/she was a kid. Then the time passed away, he/she followed the melody and came back in the moment..
Using the materials of concrete / electronic computer music describe the different of gestures moving in the space. Including the materials of concrete music (wind, crash, glass, clock, voice, instruments – Sheng 笙, Lo 鑼, bass drum); electronic and computer music (looping, reversal, speed change, bending Amplitude, Delay /Echo Effect, Reverb, delay, Doppler Shifter, Pan, Envelope, DLGranulator, filtering, EQ (Comb filter, LP, BP), Dynamic EQ , Granular Synthesis) and silence.

Editor: LIAO Lin-Ni