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FUKUDA Takuto / 福田拓人



Birth Y: 1984 Birth C: JAPAN Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Duration: ca 12:00

Perf. Country: JAPAN

Instruments: For bassclarinet and computer

Setup: Sonology department of Kunitachi college of music


Prog. notes: This piece was composed for Bassclarinet, Recorded bassclarinet and Computer at Sonology department of Kunitachi college of music, Tokyo in 2009. And electronic part was realized by Max/MSP and Logic pro 7 on Machintosh computer.
"2/2" (two over two) means a symbol that one mind and another one mind are in a consciousness of a person surrounded by society. We overcome diverse social terribleness by identifying various conflicts in ourselves and indicating our intentions. Author attempted to describe this conflictive process in this piece. Therefore time structure was planned as an expression of transformation from con?ictive scene into cooperative one.
It has been selected as a finalist at "the International Electroacoustic Music Composition Competition Musica Nova 2008".

Editor: M.B.