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CHEN Ying-Jung / 陳映蓉


Firefly Secret

Birth Y: 1990 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Duration: 07:24

Perf. Country: TAIWAN

Instruments: For Flute and electronics

Prog. notes: This scores is finished in June 2013.
The structure of figurations of this piece, which is imitation of the
techniques of Chinese ink painting "fei bai", and trying to hold the best
balance that between ink and blank. This concept transformed into the flute
which controls "breath" to imitate this effect. Also using several freely
irregular rhythms and homonyms repeated to create a feeling as fireflies
dance, and a softly sweet as unbelievably touching and crossing.
Electronic music matches the figurations of instruments, using a decorative
way to put the soul into the art. And trying to mix up instrumental and
electronic music to fuzzily overlap, and creating ambiguous atmosphere

Editor: M.B.