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CHEN Ying-Jung / 陳映蓉



Birth Y: 1990 Birth C: TAIWAN Gender: Female

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Tape (stereo)

Duration: 06:46

Perf. Country: TAIWAN

Prog. notes: This score is for two-channel electronic music, completed in January 2013.
Materials are selected Western percussion instruments, and attempt to
change it become to Eastern percussion sound. To Create different cultural
sounds of fusion. The structure is composited by multi-period. Each of the
different sections that use of similar material to link together and enhance
unity the convergence.
The score named "Fluctuation", which to represent it composed by many
small particles. Material is sculptured into a short and particles gesture.
Make the whole score has more dynamic sense, but also a quiet paragraphs
do contrast.

Editor: M.B.