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HE Xun-tian / 何训田


Four Dreams / 梦四则
[meng si ze]

Birth Y: 1953 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed Music

Performer(s): BBC Symphony Orchestra

First perf.: Glasgow, 1989

Duration: ca 24:00

Perf. Country: UK

Instruments: Electric Erhu and orchestra

Publisher: People's Music Publishing House人民音乐出版社, ISBN: 978-7-103-03173-5

Media: CD

Prog. notes: Once and twice, I had my dream inside another. In and out, I found my dream bound with another. In the world of dreams, Erhu is like me and the orchestra you and him. In this piece, Erhu is remodeled into an electric one, making the changes in tone extremely close to human voices. Four Dreams is composed with four chapters, which continously reveal dreams bound with or inside one another. Either involved in the dreams or outside, you will find yourself thrilled physically and mentally. Four Dreams was composed with the RD Method of Music Composition in 1986 and was premiered in Glasgow by BBC Symphony Orchestra in 1989. Together with Sound of Nature, Four Dreams was aknowledged as 'breakthough achievement' and 'symbol of China's own musical genre'. 一梦二梦,梦中梦,梦里梦外,梦套梦,二胡如梦境中的我,管弦乐队似梦境中的你和他。二胡是经过加工的装置二胡,音色产生的变化近似人声。全曲由四个乐章组成。四个乐章连续不间断地演奏,构成梦中梦、梦套梦的情景,使梦里梦外者在不同的梦境中产生不同的生理和心理之悸动。该作品按照RD作曲法写成,完成于1986年。1989年英国BBC交响乐团在英国格拉斯哥首演。《梦四则》与作曲家的《天籁》等作品的出现,被誉为“具有划时代意义”,“标志着中国有了自己的音乐学派”。[]

Editor: Ka Lun CHEUNG

Phono: CD: included in the score

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