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AN Chengbi / 안승필,安承弼


Hyun.Oh (Le rêve d 'un poisson au fond de la mer, son désir de lumière) / 현오

Birth Y: 1967 Birth C: CHINA Gender: Male

Dest: Concert

Media Specification: Mixed music

Commission: Association Paris-Seoul

Performer(s): Sae-Jung Kim, Thierry Miroglio

First perf.: Auditorium des Halles, France, Novembre 21, 1998

Duration: 16:04

Instruments: Piano, percussion and fixed sounds

Prog. notes: Hyun.Oh,"concsience-mystery", do not indicate an unspecified conscience of the mystery, even less one mystical thought. The conscience is there, presents it is not act which would create or even would make emerge a thought, would clarify or reveal a direction differently hidden.

If it is a constant in my spiritual course, it is that of a die-sémantisation of a solidified music of representation, by the manifestation of the clean nature of the sound, its materiality. This constant distance of any interpretation locates the type-setter not as creator of a world, but as a medium.

Hyun-Oh is a voyage towards the depths, towards the interior, where the underground and underwater currents, are pure energy, movements beyond any displacement, free of any force and any attraction, abolishing the differences between material substance and idea, between the other and myself

A harmony without confusion nor fusion, free plan of the sounds in the time lived like space. Without the knowledge, without wanting it, an echo of Rene Tank, \"the mysterious way go towards the interior\".

Reception: Prize : Second prize of the 17th International Electronic Music Competition, International Center of New Musical Sources ICONS, Italy. June. 1999

Editor: MW