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CHAN Chin Ting (Patrick CHAN) / 陳展霆


Of Metals and Electrons

Birth Y: 1986 Birth C: HONG KONG Gender: Male

Media Specification: Tape

Prog. notes: I have always been fascinated by the sound of electricity and how it is always present in our everyday lives without us noticing them. A “silent” room with any object that can transfer currency is never truly silent. There is always an extremely high frequency that is, though normally unnoticeable, surprisingly present and “loud” if one really focuses his/her attention on listening to the sound.

The closest sound that I can associate to the sound I have described above is the resonant of any metal, which to me, creates some very high overtones that approximate the sonic images of my “loud” room. To make a connection, metal is a conductor that can effectively transfer electric currency, and this is the theme to my Of Metals and Electrons.

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